Grants to Individuals

Application Form for Individuals

What Grants are we able to make

The Dibden Allotments Fund operates four grant Programmes all of which may be accessed by people in need, hardship or distress who have lived in the Waterside area for a minimum of 12months.

Application for a Grant by Individuals

Grants to individuals can take many forms, for example it could be vouchers for food, clothes or household items, the supply of white goods or furniture, which we would arrange to have delivered directly to you, via a local supplier.

In all cases we will require an application form to be completed, giving details about you, your family, current income and expenditure and what you would like the grant for and why.

It would also be helpful if you could supply a supporting statement from a “Professional” such as a Heath or Social Worker, Midwife or Teacher.

It would be unusual for an individual to receive more than a single grant in any one year or for goods already provided to an individual by the Fund to be replaced within what a manufacturer would consider to be “ a reasonable period of use”.

Shoe Vouchers Scheme – mainly in the support of children and the elderly distribution of the Vouchers is controlled through Schools or organisation involved with the elderly.

Vouchers are used as payment towards the costs of the shoes at one of a number of participating local shoe retailers, with the individual making payment of any amount above the Vouchers value at the time they make their purchase.

For persons wishing to access the scheme who do not have contact with either a School or participating organisation, application can be made through the Grants to Individuals Application Process.

Garden Support Scheme – In conjunction with a number of local gardeners we manage a scheme designed to assist the elderly and disabled to manage their essential garden work such as grass cutting and hedge trimming, during the growing season of March to November.

Application can be made at any time either by letter or via a telephone call, although we would encourage people wishing to join the scheme to make contact with us during January and February.

Once an application has been received we will arrange to visit you to discuss your requirements and as the majority of participants are expected to make a small contribution towards the cost of the scheme, which we also discuss with you.