Dibden Allotments Fund History

Dibden Allotments Charity was formed as a result of an award of land in 1862 arising from the Inclosure Acts. The original purpose of the Charity was to provide ‘Alloments for the Labouring Poor of the Parish of Dibden’, and was managed by the Overseers of the Poor and the Church Wardens of the Parish.

In 1894 these responsibilities were transferred to Dibden Parish Council (later re-named Hythe and Dibden Parish Council) under the provisions of the Local Government Act of that year.

In 1994 the Charity sold most of its land and received a capital sum in excess of £6.125 million.

Administration of the Charity is now vested in nine Trustees and currently a clerk, with secretarial support, is employed to assist the Trustees.

In July 1995 the Charity Commission approved a new scheme as follows:

“Subject to payment of the expenses of the Charity the Trustees shall apply the income of the Charity in relieving either generally or individually persons resident in the Parish of Hythe and Dibden who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress by making grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress of such persons;

If the income cannot be applied as aforesaid, the Trustees shall apply the same for any charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of the said Parish as the Trustees think fit and if and in so far as the income cannot be applied for any such charitable purposes the Trustees shall apply the same for similar purposes in the Parishes of Marchwood and Fawley”.

The name of the Charity was changed from Dibden Allotments Charity to Dibden Allotments Fund in accordance with a special resolution of the Trustees passed on 27 January 2010.

The Trustees may pay for such items, services or facilities by way of donations or subscriptions to institutions or organisations which provide or undertake in return to provide such items, services or facilities for such persons.

The body of Trustees is to comprise 9 competent persons, including 5 nominated and 4 co-opted Trustees.

Of the nominated Trustees, 3 are to be appointed by Hythe and Dibden Parish Council, 1 by Marchwood Parish Council and 1 by Fawley Parish Council.

The Trustees are responsible for running the Charity and full Trustees’ meetings are held monthly.

In addition, there are two separate subcommittees of the Trustees, dealing respectively with finance and policy. These subcommittees meet as required.

Grants are made by the Trustees in accordance with the 1995 scheme set out above and subject to available funds and anticipated future income.

Grants are made to both individuals and organisations and details are set out in note 4 to the financial statements.