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What does the Fund do?                                                                             Summary of Grants Awarded in

       The Fund uses its income to help people living in the Parishes of Hythe and                    Financial Year ending 31st March 2018
       Dibden, Marchwood and Fawley who are in conditions of need, hardship or                                       TOTAL £291,152
       distress by making grants of money, providing or paying for items, services or
       facilities. Funds are also used for other charitable purposes to benefit residents of              GRANTS AWARDED TO INDIVIDUALS
       the parishes.

       Who can apply for help?

       Generally any person or group resident in the area for 12 months or more.                                 36+16+3+34+2+9
       However all grants are means tested and there are some specific items for which
       grants cannot be made

       Who runs the Fund?
       The Fund is run by a group of 9 volunteer Trustees who, with the help of 3 part-
       time employees, are responsible for managing the funds and responding to
       requests for assistance.
       The current Trustees are: Alan Alvey (Chairman)  Chris Harrison (Vice Chairman)        Residents in Hythe & Dibden        Gardening
       Declan English,  Pat Hedges,  Tina James,  Maureen McLean,  Dan Poole,  Judy           Residents in Fawley                Education
       Saxby,  Jill Tomlin                                                                    Residents in Marchwood             Shoe Project
       What are their priorities?

       The current priorities are to relieve family poverty, to help older residents to                 GRANTS AWARDED TO ORGANISATIONS
       retain their independence and to support youth activities, pre-schools, schools
       and community projects. This is achieved by working with other charities, schools
       and local authority departments.

       How was the money spent?                                                                                  51+4+19+2+24

       In the Financial Year to March 2018, the Fund awarded over £291k to more than
       146 applications from individuals/families and around 27 local Organisations and
       Schools. The Shoe Scheme, administered through local Schools, provided almost
       480 pairs of Shoes and over 190 homes of elderly, disabled and infirm members
       of the community were provided with basic gardening services.

                                                                                              Community Grants                   Disability
                                                                                              Medical Welfare                    Youth
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